Catering to a wide array of requirements such as 3D Profile Micro Concreting, UHPC, Compressed GRC, GRP, Futuristic Facades, mould manufacturing and other Aesthetic Elements, Polux Technologies began as a pioneering innovation enterprise providing the absolute solutions to Global requirements. Polux Technologies was formed in 1987 and has since patented several designs in concepts, aiding modern architecture with intricate designs to make your dreams come true, leaving behind a monumental memory for the world to remember indeed.

Polux Technologies has taken the galactic leap by providing advanced technical training programs for development in the rural areas of our country and thus enabled everyone with the opportunity to be self employed and cater to their families rest assured. But the road does not end there for Polux Technologies. They have more surprises down the lane for all.


Contemporary architecture like the Baroque, Futurism, or even the Modernism movements, are always associated with a specific historical period. Contemporary architecture has the ability to offer a multitude of architectural choices, simply so that they stand out from the obvious choice of architectural structures and designs. The high level of assortments and variety does not stop its common traits from being observed throughout the contemporary architecture.

Contemporary architecture deviates from the one-dimensional form of construction by opting more often for curved lines, instead. While sometimes a building is entirely designed around a series of curved lines, sometimes both curved and straight lines are used in the building itself. As curved shapes do, this geometric shaping allows for the creation of interior living spaces with unusual layouts. Providing an animated architecture, contemporary architecture is the best choice to flaunt your space and add some pizzazz to your lifestyle.

Polux presents you the optimum solution to your constructional needs and provides the best in Upscale Technology for Futuristic Facades.


Polux Technology understands the basic needs of the common man as well as the level of intricacy and detailing that is needed at every corner of the very concept behind designing the many-many products it has patented and has up its list of to do ideas. Sprawled globally are the masterpieces of their designs and concepts with leading brands such as HP, Sterling Computers, Black and Decker, Ashok Leyland, HCL Peripherals, National Nippo, Sumeet, Asian Electronics, GE, Walt Disney, Mattel Toys, Elcot Power Controls, Talema, ONGC and many more too. With a combined effect of simplicity, complete purpose-solution as well as an eye for design, Polux Technology is a Package one can compare to the silver lining of a cloud.


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Having completed his specialization in Tool and Die Engineering from NTTF, Mr.S. Sathyanarayanan did not perceive the scope of his education to what is merely assumed by the educators or the students. He had a Vision- A Vision to discover, help and leave behind a memory for more than a Millennia in his best possible. And it all began in 1987, with the foundation to Polux Technology. Specialized from one of the most renowned institutions in India for Product Design, Tools as well as Moulds (Plastic moulds, Press Tools, Metal Die Casting moulds) and Design & Development, Mr. S. Sathyanarayanan founded the research and development centre to design the high tech creative concepts and designs planted in his mind. Today, he is a hard to catch entrepreneur cum philanthropist, eager to empower the weak, and find the perfect solution to world’s dire needs. He has worked with several renowned architects in the world and has contributed to multiple fields such as aerospace, biomedical, domestic appliances, automobile sub assemblies, defence, lighting industry and is the proud owner of 22 patented products as well.