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GRC Panels

GRC presents architects and engineers with a material from which the most ambitious designs can be created. It can be moulded to form modern futuristic designs or to replicate traditional historic features. GRC can be painted, faced with fine aggregate, coloured or simply left with a natural white or grey, smooth or textured finish. GRC products are formed by a variety of manufacturing techniques. One of the most versatile is to cast the composite in moulds manufactured from rubber, timber or glassfibre reinforced Plastic (GRP/FRP). This is known as premix GRC. As the high-performance alkali resistant glass fibres are evenly distributed in the mix, the material is reinforced throughout, enabling products with the finest of detail to be created. GRC does not suffer from corrosion of the reinforcement and unlike traditional concrete, GRC does not require a minimum of concrete cover to the reinforcement.

GRC Cladding

Wall cladding is an encompassing term for the exterior surface of building, which protects the beneath covering against moisture and foreign elements. It is a non structural material for safeguarding internal and external building frontages. Above all it adds natural beauty of stones to the architecture.

Giving a magical face lift to the decor of exterior, our range of wall cladding is the first choice of elite section. We offer wall cladding, which are manufactured from finest quality of GRC to last for a long period of time. When you want to give a real face lift to your buildings / Shopping malls, theme buildings, you must not forget to get in touch with GRC Composites. During the past years we have cladded residential buildings with GRC insulated wall claddings, provided architectural claddings in various projects and decorative statues. Please check our site to see our capabilities to be on board with you on your current projects.

GRC Filigree


GRC Planters

We have various shapes and sizes of planter boxes available to suit most applications, freestanding, wall mounted, cavity mounted and in-ground situated. Due to continual product changes and improvements, we suggest that you call to obtain up-to-date information on the various shapes and sizes. Alternately, we can discuss your specific needs and design and create a system to suit, including fixing system, drainage holes and lengths of modules.

Typical finish is off-form concrete, boxes can be further treated with a concrete proprietary paint finish. GRC planter can be made into more classic surface finishes, resembling the natural stone. In comparison conventional FRP and PE flower pot, GRC flower pot offer's excellent performance of high strength and weather resistance, and is more suitable for outdoor use. GRC planter also exhibits more natural landscaping effects in combination with the garden elegant surroundings.

Our comprehensive range of GRC decorative planters, which are used as an excellent decorative item in the residential, commercial and other areas. Use of high quality GRC makes our planters one of the most coveted architectural items in the market. Breathtaking designs and delighting colors of these GRC planters are capable of capturing the attention of everyone at first glance. To complement their landscape design and construction services, We have developed a range of outdoor products. These products are available as standard off the shelf items, or they can be custom-designed by designers to suit any individual project.

GRC Colomn

A column in structural engineering is a vertical structural element that transmits, through compression, the weight of the structure above to other structural elements below. We are the leading manufacturers of a wide range of GRC columns and head rails that are available in different cap designs. Fabricated using superior quality material, these columns and head rails are moisture resistant and come with superior sound and heat insulation properties. Our range is high in strength, easy and convenient to install and is offered with smooth surface finish. For the purpose of wind or earthquake engineering, columns may be designed to resist lateral forces. Columns are frequently used to support beams or arches on which the upper parts of walls or ceilings rest.

GRC Flooring

Making the flooring area center of attraction, our fascinating range of GRC floor tiles are encountering wide demand in the markets. These GRC flooring tiles are used for external flooring. We offer these tiles in various thickness of 20mm to 30 mm. Enriched with high imagination, our designers offer these tiles in a choices of striking designs, which exude a grace and charm in the surroundings. Further, we welcome the customized orders and provide them as per the clients' needs.


  • Glaze finish
  • High strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Corrosion proof
  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Fade resistance

GRC Brackets

The GRC Division manufactures many different products as per the customer requirements. GRC products can come in any color, shape and size. GRC has two different finishes: one smooth in texture, and the other is rough in texture imitating the effects of stone. Some of the product ranges include Panels & Screens, Cornices & Brackets, Columns, Pedestals, Sculptures, Balustrades and Handrails.

Cornices & Brackets are manufactured as per the design of the customer (standard designs are also available). The cornices and brackets are produced in varying sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. The applications are as the name suggests; decorative cornices and brackets for building/villa/palace exteriors.

GRC Cornices

The cornice, by extension. becomes any horizontal molded projection which crowns an element: the cornice of a door or window, for instance, or the cornice of a pedestal. A simple cornice may be formed just with a crown molding.
A Ceiling Medallion or Ceiling Centre is the perfect option for anyone who wants to dress up an otherwise boring light fixture or room, especially one with a 9 foot ceiling!. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit everyone's needs. We have an assortment of medallions that match perfectly with our selection of mouldings. It can be found in upscale homes, offices, conference rooms and other assorted commercial spaces. Well chosen trims can have an incredible effect on the look and character of your home for a very small cost. Our trims brilliantly define the character of any room and serve only to enhance the overall beauty of your entire home.

GRC Ballusters

Modular system consisting of ballusters, top rail, and bottom rail.
Bottom and top rail have a 1 inch hole running along the length to assist in connecting adjacent rails using a rebar.
Suitably Reinforced.

GRC Fountain

GRC Fountain To give relaxing and beautiful environ to exteriors, we offer wide range of stone built GRC Fountain that are creatively designed and meticulously carved. We have all the facilities and desirable talent that is required for making different types of fountain structures.

RCC Tree Gratings/Surrounds

The RCC Gully Grafting offered by us is manufactured using superior quality raw material which is procured from reliable vendors of the industry. Designed with perfection, our range is widely known for its load bearing capacity and durability. Moreover, we offer customized solutions to our esteemed clients to meet their diverse requirements. Tree surround grates are a durable and attractive solution to watering trees in urban areas using passive irrigation. Tree surround grates are installed around tree plantings, creating a durable, heel and bicycle safe surface for pedestrians, whilst allowing water to flow through into the soil.

GRC for Modular Building

The qualities of GRC are shown to great advantage in the area of modular building. GRC panels are light and easily transported but also resistant to damage. Small units of GRC can be transported in one piece and placed in position. The strength of GRC is sufficient so that, even in thin skin construction, small modular buildings can be designed without heavy structural frames. GRC walls can incorporate thermal insulation if required, while the absence of steel reinforcement can be a benefit. Aesthetically, the full range of natural and applied finishes, and freedom of design, which characterise GRC permit solutions to satisfy any architectural requirement.

GRC in Building

Wall Cladding with GRC & its ability to be moulded into thin, lightweight panels with a wide variety of shapes, forms and surface finishes. In recent years, a shortage of skilled workers combined with the need to produce lighter weight building components has led to significant advancements in the use of prefabricated GRC elements. Builders worldwide are appreciating the increase in speed of construction that GRC provides. Furthermore, engineers are discovering that small additions of alkali resistant glass fibres can benefit the quality of traditional concrete elements, whether precast or cast in-situ. Research has shown that high-modulus alkali resistant glass fibres can help to Control cracking and improve durability.

GRC in Acoustics

GRC has found favour with acoustics engineers as a primary choice for both internal and external acoustic barriers and screens. GRC's high density, exterior usage (being water resistant) smooth surface finish and ability to be easily moulded in the required design detail, has been used to advantage in concert halls and other auditoria. In road and railway construction, GRC noise barriers, which can either disperse or absorb sound, have provided nearby residents with a better environment. GRC not only offers functional solutions in such applications, it also gives designers the opportunity to create interesting features that enhance the aesthetics & acoustics for exteriors as well.

GRC in Landscaping

Seating, planters, receptacles, kiosks, bollards, signs, statues and fountains, to name but a few, all benefit from being made in GRC with its ability to tailor shape, form and surface finish and to be aesthetically compatible with the chosen environment. GRC also provides theme park and zoological architects with a medium through which they can turn dreams into reality. Many of the world's largest theme parks and zoos use GRC to create rocks capes, replica buildings, simulated environments for animals, and much more.

GRC in Architecture

Most ambitious designs can be created. It can be moulded to form modern futuristic designs or to replicate traditional historic features. GRC can be painted, faced with fine aggregates, coloured or simply left with a natural white or grey, smooth or textured finish.

Eexteriors with GRC

Complex & intricate ambitious designs can be created. It can be moulded to form modern futuristic designs or to replicate traditional historic features. GRC can be painted, faced with fine aggregates, coloured or simply left with a natural white or grey, smooth or textured finish.

Door & Window Surrounds with GRC

Moulded GRC components such as window sills, window surrounds, cornices, door portals and columns can add decoration to residential and commercial buildings while also meeting functional needs.

Our clients include:

  • Delhi Metro
  • Airport Authority of India
  • Delhi International Airport
  • Simplex Infrastructure Ltd.
  • Ansal Housing Ltd
  • Unitech
  • Hotel Leela Palace
  • MGF
  • DLF
  • CPWD
  • Infosys
  • Manipal University
  • American University Of Antigua
  • India Land Properties
  • ETA Technopark
  • ETA City Centre
  • Sathyabama University
  • Real Value Promoters
  • Embassy Of Libya (New Delhi)
  • PCJ Jewelers Ltd

In addition to these, our architectural products are supplied to various other government agencies, office buildings, homes, schools, hotels, restaurants, casinos, amusement parks, retail stores and big builders.

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