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Polux Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Mr. S. Sathyanarayanan in 1987. Sathyanarayanan completed his degree in Tool & Die Engineering from NTTF, India. NTTF is one of the most renowned institutions in India for the area of Product Design,Tools and Moulds(Plastic,Metal Casting), andDesign and Development.

The business initially began with product design and development, mainly catering to concept design, product development, manufacturing setup and automation processes and also, packaging of the product. The entire work is executed in the advanced high-tech tool room that is available with CAD/CAM facility and Research &Developmentcentre in Madhurandhagam Taluk.

PoluxIndia have also done design innovation and manufactured products for various utilizations in the following fields:

  • Domestic Appliances,
  • Bio Medical Instruments¬†
  • Automobile Sub Assemblies
  • Elevation Concepts. (Composite Moulded Products for buildings)


Domestic appliances designed and manufactured by PoluxIndia include Sumeet mixer grinder, Single element VHF and UHF antenna, Water-saver for combination showers, Baby monitor, Water generator from air, Walt Disney Character telephones, Domestic Wind Mill, Solar Power for residential lighting, Energy saving Retrofit T5 Tube lights etc.

Their products in the bio medical field include blood purifier for open heart surgery,
IV stimulator, medicated catheter, low cost stunts etc. An example of their innovation inautomobile assemblies would be the automobile electronic fuel injection system. They have also manufactured light-weight satellite camera bodies for ISRO, which can be considered as one of their major accomplishments.

Their most recent projects are in the field of elevation concepts for buildings. This is basically related to civil engineering where they provide civil elevations, pre-form profiles, large domes, external claddings and other artistic enhancements that would make even an ordinary building extraordinary. Different forms of designs are incorporated like the Classical design, Roman Ionic design, Osmanian design, with different materials like Composite Resin moulding, Micro concreting, Foam concreting, GRC, FRP, etc. The list goes on to more than 32 types of materials according to the application. Higher end CAD software is used for 3D forms and profilesfor contemporary design in buildings.

There is visible proof of their work in elevation concepts when one sees the Infosys buildings (E.g. Mysore), Microsoft, SymbiosisManagement Institute, Chennai City Centre, ETATechnoparkand other IT parks and 5 star and 3 star hotels in various places in India. Flying to new heights, they have also made their mark in many places around the world such as, Antigua (American Institute of Antigua), Istanbul, Maldives, Algeria,Morocco, Malaysia, Mauritius, Angola, Singaporeand other countries.

They have provided services and manufactured a range of products for many leading brands like Sumeet , National Nippo, Ashok Leyland, HCL Peripherals,  HP, Sterling Computers, GE , Asian Electronics, Walt Disney, Black and Decker, Mattel Toys, Elcot Power controls, Talema, ONGC, etc.

As recognition of their work in innovation, striven by the dedication to provide higher quality products with better performance, they are the proud owners of 18 patents that include,baby monitor, mixer grinder, fingerprint scanner, mosquito repellant for lawn, water generator and open heart surgery blood purifier, energy saving T5 Tube lights

Apart from all this, firmly believing that everybody should be provided with an opportunity for self-employment, they provide an advanced technical training program for development in rural areas. With the help of the training, people have started up small-scale manufacturing facilities thatindigenously manufacture more than 100 items of everyday commodities that they can sell to the nearest dealers/shops such as, pencils, paper clips, nails, ball pins, gem clips, etc.

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Mr. S Sathya Narayanan


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